Welcome to Slowtwitch.com's Independent North American Race Calendar

90 races and counting for 2024. We aspire to present the most comprehensive calendar of independent events for North American racers, along with features providing participants a greater sense of community. If you have a suggestion or critique that might allow us to better reach our aspirations, please contact us. Otherwise, enjoy our calendar and its features.

This calendar is a listing of independent races. That means races that are not Ironman. We love Ironman races and mean no disrespect. Just, go here and you'll find them; it's no secret where they are. If you want races that are not part of the Ironman series, that's what you'll find here.

Browsing the calendar

You do not need to log in to do this. You'll find a list of multisport events in your state by using the links on the left. You'll soon be able to sort by region as well. After clicking on your state you'll note that triathlons and duathlons will be listed by date. You can further refine your search by specifying options such as race type, distance, location, and rating.

Canadian races

You'll see your provinces mixed in alphabetically with U.S. States. Because triathletes in the U.S. and Canada frequently cross national boundaries to race, we're treating our North American calendar as if these boundaries did not exist. Accordingly, British Columbia and Washington are both in the Northwest region, Ontario and Michigan are both in the Great Lakes region, and so on.

How contestants build their own personal race calendars

When you find a race that piques your interest, just click "tag this race." This aggregate events just as you would collect items in an online shopping cart. You'll find these events displayed on your forum user profile or, we should say, you will find them there. We're working on this functionality, including the ability to either display or hide your personal race calendar as you choose. We'll alert you via a forum thread when this functionality is turned on.

How to enter a race

You must be a registered user to add an event to the calendar. There is one common type of registration on Slowtwitch, and if you are registered to post on our Reader Forum you are one of 102,197 who have made a registration, and this means you're able to add races to our calendar. Likewise, if you register to add to our calendar, you're registered to post on the forum.

If you're not registered, the login prompt is to the left of the page, near the top. The registration process is straightforward, easy, and free. It will require you to receive an email and click on a link to complete your registration. All this should take you only a minute or two. Then...

1. Click the ADD A RACE button to begin adding to the calendar.

2. Once you SUBMIT your race, you'll also need to CONFIRM your submission via a link at the bottom of the page. We will check to make sure you are not adding a duplicate race. You may be warned of a potential duplicate. This is just a warning based on name similarities. If you are sure you are not adding a duplicate race, click the SUBMIT RACE button.

3. Once you successfully add your race, it will not immediately be visible to you. We must validate the addition on our end before anyone can see it. We do this so that spammers won't use the race registration as a way to spam our calendar.

How to edit published information about a race

Any registered user can update a race. The changes must be reviewed by an administrator, but the goal is to use the collective knowledge base of our community to keep the calendar up to date.

How to comment on a race

Any registered user can comment on a race using the form contained on the individual race page. Your comments are subject to validation by an administrator.